ZKleener 1.0b

Erase junk files, protect your privacy and gain disk space


  • Fast scanning
  • Support for file filters
  • Three different scanning methods


  • Backup tool doesn't work properly

Very good

ZKleener is a disk cleaning tool that enables you to get rid of junk files in a very easy way. In fact, you can define by yourself which kind of files should be considered as junk, because the program's settings enable you to filter file types by extension and therefore include or exclude them from the program's black list.

ZKleener features three different scanning methods (Quick, Full and Custom) with diverse depth ranges. It also includes a backup and restoration utility which is supposed to help you recovering files that have been deleted by mistake. Unfortunately this tool didn't seem to work for us.

Once the scan is finished (it doesn't take long, even in the Full System mode) the program displays the number of files that are about to be erased and the percentage of disk that will then be freed. You'll be amazed at the amount of disk space that can go to waste only in temporary files.

ZKleener is a great application to perform quick, effective cleaning tasks in a very easy way.

We were successfully able to introduce ZKleener which comes with a brand new technology in temporary files fighting. ZKleener is a powerful but simple software utility that allows you to clean junk and temporary files. Thanks to the variety of tools and options provided, ZKleener is capable of tracing and finding junk files to the death in just minutes!

ZKleener does its job with the help of special script files known as ZKleener Script (ZKS) which is a major feature that allows unlimited cleaning functionality. ZKleener Script is a powerful scripting language oriented to searching and destroying temporary files, syntactically very similar to Pascal. ZKleener Scripts are able to detect whether certain applications are installed, and if that is the case, they are able to trace and destroy their related junk files if any.



ZKleener 1.0b

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